Concert cycle Charitas

JCH Art Agency has organized the international concert cycle “Charitas” where semiprofessional and student ensembles have performed since 1997. Project’s aim is to increase the interest in non-professional music activity that despite its long tradition has almost become extinct here. Hundred of ensembles from the whole world have already performed within the concert cycle “Charitas”.   JCH Art Agency arranges the concerts in various churches, concert halls, and clubs as well as open air concerts, concerts on colonnade in spas, in schools, etc.   JCH Art Agency seeks to understand client’s wishes and ideas in order to prepare a suitable Concert Tour or just a single concert in accordance with client’s budget. Most of our concerts are very well-attended as we have our own Club of JCH Art ( about 800 pax)  who enjoy our concerts a lot.   The voluntary contribution from the concerts “Charitas” is given to charitable organization.  


Our concert venues

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